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2016.10.31 Monday

What I see in October 2016

Walk, look, stop, look. Take a picture, then walk again.

2016.09.30 Friday

What I see in September 2016

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. We visited here for our honeymoon trip. Hundreds of Gnu are welcoming us.

2016.08.31 Wednesday

What I see in August 2016

We had a small camping at Motosuko. It was the first time camp for us together. In the twilight time, so bright crescent moon appeared over a round tree.

2016.07.30 Saturday

What I see in July 2016

Fireworks in Toyohashi. In the daytime we saw some testing explosions as 1st picture. Blue and white, and dry sound.

2016.06.19 Sunday

same as before

Which season were you born, and what flowers were out then? Which color is the flower, and do you like it? Maybe at this time every year this flower is blooming here with fresh green, and pure blue. Wish always be yourself.